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Diego Piccini da Todi is a visual artist (mainly figurative art) and a graphics/Multimedia creative.

He owned his own gallery * in Montreal for almost ten years, in order to confront himself directly to the public, to test his techniques, the relevance of his creativity and to become more familiar with the organization of exhibitions/Events.

Once this base was established, Diego Piccini da Todi started in early 2017 a new cycle of creations.

Diego in his gallery in Montreal

He expresses himself mainly through four medium :

- Photograph (the artist acts as a simple witness).
- Drawing (the "fundamental" technique that the artist masters with pure memory).

- Graphic and Multimedia Arts (using new technologies but in a dynamic that could be described as classic).
- Watercolor.

From three nationalities and therefore three different cultures, French, Italian and Canadian, holder of a bachelor of General History / Art History, then of a master's degree obtained with honors and finally a DEA obtained the following year (Master 2), the artist has always been inspired by classical culture and artistic techniques used since the Renaissance in figurative art, in order to approach actual social issues in a timeless way.

Diego in his gallery in Montreal

His approach is like many other artist's ways, who attempt to situate individuals in a given context (the "sacred-profane" aspect of existence for instance). This "active" even transcendental reflection of the artist is constant, because the Buddhist spirituality is constant in his life.

As for the figurative approach, it is due to the fact that the body in its nakedness, symbol of truth, is a spiritual "vehicle" according to Dzogchen Buddhism.

It is both symptom, receptacle and arena… but it is also the dynamic of “wanting”. The body thus becomes the tangible vector of the artist's creativity, the theater of the physical, mental and social cycles between the true nature of the Spirit (Rigpa) and the phenomenal world.

The Belgo's gallery (523-521) in Montreal

This alternation, Diego expresses it in the first place and fundamentally, by the play of the pencil and the eraser, but also the vast majority black and white photographic work.

Buddhist vision, work about the impermanence and the truel nature of Spirit, the man in this city, metropolises and New York in particular, Death, interweaving (or "dense arrangement"), eroticism, collective memory... Diego Piccini da Todi tackles all these themes in a recurring way, through different collections (more global like Samsâra, or more specific like Urban mood, Eroticall, Sacré-Profane, Man and the City, Incarnation ...).


* As well as its eponymous graphics and development studio. Note that all works, images, texts and animations, graphic and multimedia creations, are registered and protected works.

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