This kind of exhibition combines works in production (generally large formats) and finalized artworks. The purpose is quite clear : make Art alive in order to establish a real communion between the artist and his audience.

Diego Piccini da Todi then arouses many debates, bearing on the chosen themes as well as the techniques or the very purpose of Art.

But the artist's goal is also to analyze how people in the gallery perceive his work and its immediate evolution.

At this stage of the journey, there is no doubt that this type of experience has been more than formative... Note that this type of exhibition concerns only one only medium : drawing.

As Ingres put it, "design is the integrity of art". The artist has made it a point of honor to confirm the Master's statements.

Diego works on many formats, different types of paper, using the techniques of graphite, charcoal, sanguine, sepia, pastel, watercolor and Indian ink.

All drawings, illustrations and paintings presented by the artist are made from memory.

Photography and Graphic Arts

There are the three print supports retained by the artist:

- Direct print on acrylic
- Print on Dibond
- Paper print (satin one among others)

All the photos exhibited by Diego Piccini da Todi are classified into two categories. The raw shots which have only undergone basic grooming, no specific retouching and mixed studies (graphic art) which are the subject of much more detailed work (fusion of different photos, drawings and illustrations).


The supports selected by the artist are 3 in total :

- Classic canvas
- Painting on wood
- Watercolor paper

The artist paints with oils, acrylics and watercolor techniques...

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