The Belgo Gallery

A full-scale test

2006 - 2016

Situated in the heart of Montreal, on the fifth floor of an imposing building (The Belgo) renowned for its influence in the field of contemporary and current art for several decades (Place des Arts - Montréal), our gallery (suites 523 - 521) constituted a fundamental basis for the unfolding of our work. It closed its doors in May 2016, after a long series of galleries and art centers shutdowns in all the same building.

We welcomed there an important number of visitors in order to make them discover different kinds of exhibitions and events, especially during the Journée de la Culture, the Nuit Blanche and other cultural events.

After almost 10 years spent at the Belgo, more than 55,000 visitors have been able to appreciate the work of Diego Piccini da Todi, as well as some achievements of the eponymous graphic studio, in the very same gallery ( 6000 to 8000 people per year, low range).

The objective of the gallery was to test different techniques, approach different themes, present a coherent set of works through different cycles but above all, to confront Diego's art to the public in situation... without a net.

2016 - July 2020

A very strong base was now in place... Once this base was established, Diego Piccini da Todi resumed in early 2017, a new cycle of creations.

The opening of a new space during 2021-2022 is still planned in Canada or in Europe. Diego Piccini da Todi's exhibitions will continue in the meantime in different places and on the Internet (Web Expo).

October 15, 2021

After the base... the deployment.

On October 15, 2021 will take place an important presentation of all new artworks made since 2016 and before.

Exhibitions at the Belgo

Eroticall I

(various formats)

February 2009

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